Best Women's Hygiene Panty Liner Product Supplier in France

Go Naturelle: Anion Sanitary Napkins Panty Liners Panty liners offer a refreshing and environmentally responsible option for women seeking comfort and care in their daily activities. Panty liners are like regular sanitary pads, only thinner, smaller, and less absorbent. However, unlike regular napkins used on period days, these panty liners are intended to be used when you might experience vaginal discharge or spotting. Our panty liners are free of the toxic chemicals, chlorine, and artificial perfumes typically present in regular liners because they are made from natural and biodegradable ingredients. For the finest protection for light flow days or as a backup during menstruation, Go Naturelle offers the best panty liners for sensitive skin that are subtle and comfortable. Also, they guarantee a proper fit and allow you to move freely and comfortably with their compact and flexible design.

Go Naturelle panty liners are manufactured from natural and biodegradable materials, unlike regular ones, which frequently include synthetic materials and dangerous chemicals. It makes them safer for sensitive intimate areas because they are free of chlorine, perfumes, colors, and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Our panty liners offer a safer and eco-friendly alternative to traditional options. Go Naturelle offers the best panty liners for daily use that are more breathable and encourage better airflow, both of which contribute to maintaining a healthy pH balance and lowering the danger of bacterial growth. They are especially created to keep you feeling clean and confident throughout the day when it comes to odor control and daily freshness. Panty liners also promote greater intimate health while being environmentally conscientious because of their hypoallergenic qualities, breathability, and environmentally friendly intent.

Bio-degradable Anion Sanitory Napkins

Anion Sanitory Napkin Ranges


Size Range

Our super-absorbent negative ion sanitary pads are extra soft and smooth. Size M is advisable for moderate to high flow and is suitable for short-distance travel. Size L is ideal for long journeys and nights with heavy to extreme flow. The XL size is the best choice for intense flow nights. Regular, small-sized sanitary pads are suitable for use when there is only slight bleeding.


Natural Wrapper

The pads are available in bio-degradable jute cover, making them safe for the environment and you. Being a customer-focused sanitary napkin manufacturer, we offer our products in one-month and three-month convenient packages appropriate for stocking ready-to-use pads.


Combination Pack

Our 100% natural cotton sanitary pad range is best suited for low flow, regular flow, and heavy flow bleeding. Apart from the standard single-sized packing, we also offer mixed-sized packing for various flow types during the menstrual cycle. The single-month assorted pack of sanitary pads contains eight pads (3M, 4L and 3XL). 3 Month’s economy pack contains 30 Pads (10M, 10L and 10XL).

FAQ About Soft Sanitary Pads Supplier

Yes, panty liners from Go Naturelle are made for everyday use and offer light protection and freshness. They are especially helpful when ovulation or other periods of increased vaginal discharge occur.

Go naturelle panty liners for daily use are less likely to irritate skin or trigger allergies because they are constructed from hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials. Avoid regular panty liners with fragrances or harsh chemicals if you have sensitive skin.

Go Naturelle panty liners can help maintain freshness and cleanliness but cannot entirely protect against vaginal infections. Wearing breathable undergarments and maintaining good hygiene is also important.

Most panty liners are disposable and should be dumped after use. However, reusable alternatives are available, including reusable or cloth liners that may be cleaned and used again.

A panty liner should be used every 4 to 6 hours or more frequently if you believe it's necessary. The risk of infections is reduced, and freshness is maintained with regular replacement.