Buy The Best Anion Sanitary Napkins, Menstrual Pads For Women

Go Naturelle: Anion Sanitary Napkins L Your health and safety are a top priority with natural sanitary products because they are free of chlorine, colors, perfumes, and other potentially dangerous ingredients. By selecting natural pads, you can lower your risk of developing skin allergies, rashes, and other side effects frequently related to regular sanitary pads. With a focus on comfort and health, Go Naturelle's anion sanitary napkins offer an astonishing advance in feminine hygiene. Designed with the overall health of modern women in mind, we offer the best sanitary napkins that go above and beyond standard menstrual protection to offer a better and more refreshing experience. As one of the top anion sanitary napkins suppliers in India, we manufacture and export Anion sanitary napkins at the best price and are produced from premium materials that are soft, gentle on your skin, and absorbent.

With anion sanitary napkins, you don't have to give up on your daily routine or worry about leaking. Anion Sanitary Napkins in size L are meticulously created to cope with different flow levels, ensuring women feel secure and at ease on days with light to heavy flow. Go Naturelle's sanitary Napkins are painstakingly made with your comfort and security in consideration. The capacity of Anion's innovative technology to lessen offensive odor is one of its most noticeable benefits. These negatively charged ions also have a wonderful calming effect that helps ease the discomfort and cramping frequently associated with menstruation. Negative ions' strength helps increase blood circulation while you are menstruating. It may improve your general well-being and encourage a healthier, more balanced menstrual cycle.

Bio-degradable Anion Sanitory Napkins

Anion Sanitory Napkin Ranges


Size Range

Our super-absorbent negative ion sanitary pads are extra soft and smooth. Size M is advisable for moderate to high flow and is suitable for short-distance travel. Size L is ideal for long journeys and nights with heavy to extreme flow. The XL size is the best choice for intense flow nights. Regular, small-sized sanitary pads are suitable for use when there is only slight bleeding.


Natural Wrapper

The pads are available in bio-degradable jute cover, making them safe for the environment and you. Being a customer-focused sanitary napkin manufacturer, we offer our products in one-month and three-month convenient packages appropriate for stocking ready-to-use pads.


Combination Pack

Our 100% natural cotton sanitary pad range is best suited for low flow, regular flow, and heavy flow bleeding. Apart from the standard single-sized packing, we also offer mixed-sized packing for various flow types during the menstrual cycle. The single-month assorted pack of sanitary pads contains eight pads (3M, 4L and 3XL). 3 Month’s economy pack contains 30 Pads (10M, 10L and 10XL).

FAQ About Soft Sanitary Pads Supplier

Go Naturelle is inexpensive to meet with the objective of making natural sanitary pads more accessible to all women. Besides lower cost, the pad is made of up to nine layers of natural cotton, allowing women to wear them for longer than ordinary pads and need not be changed frequently. So women use just two or three pads a day as against six or seven, making Go Naturelle even more of a cost saver.

Go Naturelle uses 100% natural cotton without wood pulp or super absorbent polymer, which are hazardous to women’s health and to the environment. The outer layer uses corn husk and corn starch, completely eliminating plastic. So women have no rashes or other discomforts in the vaginal area which they normally experience while wearing commonly available plastic based sanitary pads. Also, the 100% natural materials allow the Go Naturelle organic sanitary pads to disintegrate in three to six weeks.
We mean natural to the core, including the production process. Our pads come in biodegradable jute packaging, further reducing the environmental impact of our products.

The Anion emission band is one of the key features of Go Naturelle menstrual pads. This band emits negative ions that offset the positive charges, reduces stress and help remain fresh. Women wearing Go Naturelle pads feel similarly relaxed when they inhale the sea breeze on the oceanside or walking through forested areas, where anions are present in large numbers.

The pads are made from natural cotton, which is breathable, anti-bacterial, and comfortable to wear. This is different from other menstrual products that may contain plastic and artificial fragrances that could be harmful to women's organs. Go Naturelle pads are free from rashes, chemicals, and irritation, and do not contain any plastic, which makes them more breathable.

Anion Emission Band: Go Naturelle pads contain an anion emission band, which helps reduce odor and rejuvenate the body by releasing negative ions. Negative ions are known to have several health benefits, including reducing odor and helping to balance hormones.
Breathable Design: Go Naturelle pads are designed to be breathable, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause odor.
Chemical-free: Go Naturelle pads are made without the use of harmful chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, and fragrances, which can cause irritation and contribute to odor.
Natural Materials: Go Naturelle pads are made with natural materials, such as bamboo and corn, which are gentle on the skin and help to reduce the risk of irritation and infection.

Go Naturelle pads have a high absorption capacity of up to 120-150 ml, which is equivalent to 4-5 regular tampons or pads. This makes them suitable for heavy flow days and overnight use. In comparison, the absorption capacity of other menstrual products varies depending on the type and size of the product. For example, a regular-sized tampon can hold around 5-8 ml of menstrual fluid, while a regular-sized pad can hold around 10-12 ml. Some menstrual cups have a higher capacity of up to 30 ml, but they need to be emptied and cleaned more frequently than pads. Overall, the high absorption capacity of Go Naturelle pads makes them a convenient and reliable option for women during their menstrual cycle.

Go Naturelle pads are designed with a high level of flexibility and superior absorbency, which makes them ideal for active women and those who engage in sports or gymnastics. The pads are designed to be comfortable and stay in place during physical activity, which helps prevent leaks and ensures that women feel confident and secure while they are on the move. Additionally, Go Naturelle pads are made from natural and breathable materials, which helps reduce the risk of skin irritation or discomfort during physical activity. The anion strip also helps to reduce odors, which can be a concern for women who are active and sweating.