Buy the best period menstrual pads in monthly packs online

Go Naturelle manufactures the best natural cotton sanitary pads that are incredibly smooth. Its dry surface prevents you from feeling damp for a longer time. Our sanitary napkin brand keeps its focus on personal comfort and hygiene. We use soft, natural, leak-proof material that keeps you fresh and odor-free throughout the day.

It is always a good idea to stock up on these pads since you will need to use them frequently. We offer eco-friendly anion sanitary napkins in multi-pack and flexible sizes. Choose the options that best meet your requirements. Our sanitary pads are available in Medium, L, and XL sizes for use on heavy and low-flow days. We also provide sanitary pads in one-month packages and three-month packages.

Organic Sanitary Napkins Monthly Packs

Top maternity sanitary pads ranges


Size Range

Our super-absorbent negative ion sanitary pads are extra soft and smooth. Size M is advisable for moderate to high flow and is suitable for short-distance travel. Size L is ideal for long journeys and nights with heavy to extreme flow. The XL size is the best choice for intense flow nights. Regular, small-sized sanitary pads are suitable for use when there is only slight bleeding.


Natural Wrapper

The pads are available in bio-degradable jute cover, making them safe for the environment and you. Being a customer-focused sanitary napkin manufacturer, we offer our products in one-month and three-month convenient packages appropriate for stocking ready-to-use pads.


Combination Pack

Our 100% natural cotton sanitary pad range is best suited for low flow, regular flow, and heavy flow bleeding. Apart from the standard single-sized packing, we also offer mixed-sized packing for various flow types during the menstrual cycle. The single-month assorted pack of sanitary pads contains eight pads (3M, 4L and 3XL). 3 Month’s economy pack contains 30 Pads (10M, 10L and 10XL).

FAQ About cotton pads supplier in France

We use Jute covers instead of low-micron plastic to pack menstrual pads. We source materials following strict guidelines safeguarding forests, animals, and people.

Yes! Go Naturelle ensures the size is appropriate for a specific type of flow. Our standard sizes are 310mm for our heavy flow pads and 285mm for our light flow pads.

Cotton is a 100% natural biodegradable cellulose fiber. Our team chooses the best grade of cotton to provide the ideal softness and comfort to your skin. Whereas traditional pads have polyethylene, they might cause skin irritation and redness.

Depending on the flow type, the frequency of replacing pads differs. But it is highly recommended to change at least two pads per day.

Traditional menstrual pads contain phthalates, a class of chemicals that harms the reproductive, nervous, and even cardiovascular systems.